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Puha Pack: Angus Enhanced

Puha Pack: Angus Enhanced

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S30 18650 Battery (2 Pack) (Quantity)
PB2S Two Bay USB-C Battery Bank Charger (Colour)

The Ball Vape You Deserve.

It's the Angus Enhanced Puha Pack!

The only way to celebrate is for us to just keep on packing more value in.
We've sweetened the deal by adding in a bunch of extras, including an external battery charger and the option to add an extra set of batteries.

Qty Gear Price
1 Angus Enhanced Dry Herb Vaporiser $360.00
1-2 S30 18650 Battery (2 Pack) $39.95 - $79.90
1 PB2S Two Bay USB-C Battery Bank Charger $34.95
1 Angus Enhanced Glass Dosing Capsules (3 Pack) $29.95
1 Angus Enhanced 3mm Ruby Terp Pearls (100 pcs) $24.95
1 Angus Enhanced Filter Screens (3 Pack) $9.95
1 3D Printed Stash Jar (Probably Pink) $9.95
Total Regular Price: $509.70 - $549.65

Total Savings: $89.01 (~17.46% - 16.19% off)

Our Puha Pack Price: $420.69 - $460.64


*We've added the option to select an additional pair of Golisi S30 batteries because of convenience (put them into the battery bank to charge up). We also liked the fact that it turned the promotional price into a palindrome, which looks a little more serious than $420.69 :)

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