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3D Printed Stash Jar (Pink)

3D Printed Stash Jar (Pink)

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Our 3D Printed Stash Jars are the perfect way to get stashed away with your most precious dried goods!

Designed and printed in-house in Hawke's Bay by Uncle Moa, these little gems have a hyper-glossy finish on the top and bottom, with textured outer walls.

You'll find "I have a prescription" printed under the lid, with a guide-rail-ring to help you line up the lid with the rest of the jar to remove any chance of cross-threading.

Dimensions (seriously approximate):

  • Shorty - 47.5mm wide, 34mm tall

These bad-boys have been designed to have a tight fit on the cap threading, so that no gremlins, goblins, or pixies contained within are able to escape.

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