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The "Bonger" WPA

The "Bonger" WPA

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The latest silicone accessory to use with any DynaVap tip and cap combination - the Bonger Water Pipe Adapter (WPA). The Bonger connects your DynaVap Tip and Cap into a water piece with a 10 mm and a 14 mm taper. A shorter length stem allows the included condenser to reach the CCD, providing a constricted airflow. As the first DynaVap design without an airport, the bong adapter is set to transform your water piece  into a launchpad for your journey into the DynaVerse.

Product Features

  • 10mm & 14mm taper
  • 45mm length body
  • B tip fitment geometry
  • Stainless steel condenser included
  • Airport-less design

This will not fit inside the DynaStash or SlimStash products. This isn't a challenge, it's just a practical observation. If you manage it, please send Auntie a photo so we can show people what not to do.

**Comes with a Stainless Steel Condenser**

Available in Black and Black & Green. The black/green pattern varies because mixing the green and black into a single uniform colour results in poo green and no one wants a poo green coloured anything. Please do not send Auntie a photo of anything poo coloured, unless you received it from us like that for some reason.

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