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The "BB6" Stem

The "BB6" Stem

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The BB6 is DynaVap’s ode to their original glass material vaporiser, in XL fashion. The BB6 boasts 6 blue beads and divots inside the midsection for cooler vapour and easy drawing. A well-made vaporiser that gives a cool experience to any user.

  • Cooler vapour created by more surface area from the blue beads and divots in the glass
  • Airflow control with an easy-to-find airport
  • 10mm and 14mm tapered mouthpiece for female fitting compatibility
  • Fewer parts than a standard DynaVap vaporiser (no Condenser needed)

**This is just the Midsection - you need a Tip & Cap for a fully functional vaping device. For what it's worth: Auntie Puha can't get enough of the Helix Titanium Tip.

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