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Reload (Gen 2)

Reload (Gen 2)

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An all in one aluminium storage and tool solution designed for Dynavap and Anvil users from our friends over at Mad Heaters in the UK and now available for patients in New Zealand!

Each Reload comes with 

  • 3 airtight (and smell-proof) containers
    • ABV Pot (top pot) - 28ml, fits approx. 3g used material.
    • Mini Pot (middle) - 20ml, fits approx. 2g ground material.
    • Bottom Pot - 28ml, fits approx. 3g ground material.
  • Built-in Decapper which works with ALL DynaVap Caps (including the Armored Cap).
  • Cooling Magnet (compatible with Dynavap Caps, Anvil and Tempest)
  • Adjustable CCD inserter
  • Dedicated ABV container with removable multipurpose Debowler tool
  • Tamper on the bottom of each pot

The Crown that attaches to the magnet on top and is sold separately, along with extra Mini Pots, in case 5g of ground material isn't enough storage!

Size and Weight:
Fully constructed, the Reload measures 98mm tall with a 37mm diameter. It weighs 85 grams when set up in this configuration.
Without the Mini Pot, the Reload measures 73.5mm by 37mm and weighs 69 grams.

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