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Puha Pack: Dynavap

Puha Pack: Dynavap

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Value Just Clicked.

It's the Dynavap Puha Pack!

Packed with everything you need to get blasted
into the DynaVerse, at a crazy price.

Qty Gear Price
1 Yllvape Induction Heater 2.0 $169.95
1 Dynavap 2020 M $94.20
2 Molicel 18650 Battery $29.90
1 Puha Printed Dynavap Case $9.95
1 Dynavap Fat Mouthpiece $3.95
Total Regular Price: $307.95

Total Savings: $92.39 (30% off)

Our Puha Pack Price: $215.57


*The AI Generated cardboard box is not included in this product listing and is only shown for illustrative purposes :)

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