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Puha Pack: Angus

Puha Pack: Angus

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PB2S Two Bay USB-C Battery Bank Charger (Colour)

Light Up Your Life

With the Angus Puha Pack!

Looking to replace the combustible end of your favourite
water piece? Oh boy, you're in luck!

Qty Gear Price
1 Angus Dry Herb Vaporiser $249.95
1 Angus Water Pipe Adapter $49.95
1 PB2S Two Bay USB-C Battery Bank Charger $34.95
Golisi S30 18650 Battery (2 Pack) $79.90
3 Angus Dosing Capsule $14.85
1 Angus Filter Screens (5 Pack) $4.20
Total Regular Price: $433.80

Total Savings: $106.91 (~24% off)

Our Puha Pack Price: $326.89


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