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G30 18650 Battery (2 Pack)

G30 18650 Battery (2 Pack)

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These batteries are what we reach for to power out XTAR power banks. They also work really well in any device requiring less than 20A of continuous discharge - like flashlights. In regards to vaporiser use, generally these devices draw the most amps from the battery during the heat up cycle. Once it reaches the set temperature, the heater will begin to cycle on and off to maintain that temperature. Going back to the flashlight use case - this would be like blinking your flashlight on and off, which is very annoying.

We've tested these batteries out with the V3 Pro and Starry 4 and they perform great as a replacement battery if you've found your original battery is getting a bit dated. For more powerful devices, such as the TinyMight2, Induction Heater or Angus Enhanced, we strongly suggest grabbing a pack of the Golisi S30 batteries instead. You can even run Golisi S30 batteries in your V3 Pro or Starry 4 to see a performance increase, as they're a higher spec cell than what it comes with from the factory.

Capacity: 3000mAh 
Cycle lifes: > 800 times
Continuous discharging rate: 20A
Package : 2/pack
Mooch/HKJ tested :)

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